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Vermont Forest Sector Systems Analysis

Vermont’s Working Lands Enterprise Board has released the final report of the Forest Sector Systems Analysis conducted by Yellow Wood Associates. The year-long project brought together hundreds of members of the forest and wood products industry. We researched demand across multiple subsectors, focused on six possible product value chains within the 3 sub-sectors of wood energy, furniture, and construction, and also looked at issues related to public awareness, branding, and carbon credits.  

We learned that:

• Consumer demand exists in a variety of forest subsectors and there is a need to increase public awareness about the breadth of products made by its members.

• There is evidence of innovative thinking in the private sector with respect to demand.

 • There is an opportunity to reframe perceptions of the forest sector through new messaging.

• There is an overall willingness by state government and industry members to engage and work towards a common purpose.

• Stakeholders expressed appreciation for renewed state government recognition of the economic significance of the sector.

A summary report is available at

Background research and summaries of workshops are available from Yellow Wood Associates by request.

As a result of our work, The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) is seeking to hire a Program Director to manage its new Vermont Forest Products Value Chain Investment Program

 The link to learn more is here: 

The link to the job description is here: