Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Northeast Stewardship Project Forest Resource Center, Feasibility Study

Tags: Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Forestry, Natural Resource Based Economic Development

Client Name: Northeast Stewardship Project

Client Type: Non-profit

Year: 1998, 1999

Location: Vermont

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. evaluated the feasibility of establishing a facility and demonstration forest to support and coordinate progressive logger training for the region encompassing northern Vermont and New Hampshire. This project was based upon our pre-feasibility work documenting lessons learned from forest heritage programs, incubators for secondary wood processing companies, and logger training programs from around the US.

"We think you worked very cooperatively and professionally.  You were very helpful in refining and defining a process to get an overall end result and you had good follow-up after the project."

- Jim Wood, Northeast Stewardship Project