Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Case Studies of Wealth Creation and Rural-Urban Linkages

This report contains four case studies about rural-urban linkages in Oregon, the New Orleans region, Texas, and Nebraska, as well as introductory material and a concluding commentary that looks at each case study in context of the core principles of…

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Plastics from Plants: A Case Study of NatureWorks LLC, Blair, Nebraska

This is a case study of NatureWorks, a bio-based products company in Nebraska that transforms a renewable crop into a value-added plastic resin that can be used to make low carbon footprint and/or biodegradable products.
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Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises: A Case Study

FAHE is, arguably, the strongest example of network approaches to increasing impact and strengthening financial performance in the domestic community development field. The purpose of this case study is to extract the lessons from the FAHE experience…

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