Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Rural Wealth Creation

This textbook investigates the role of wealth in achieving sustainable rural economic development. Published by Routledge and edited by John L. Pender, Bruce A. Weber, Thomas G. Johnson, and J. Matthew Fannin.

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Wealth Creation and Regional Innovation

This paper identifies the place- and history-based context for a regional approach to wealth creation; assesses varying prosperity rates across the counties of Central Appalachia; analyzes the trade flows between Economic Areas in Central Appalachia;…

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Wealth Creation and Rural-Urban Linkages An Exploratory Study of Economic Flows in Two Natural Resource-Rich Regions

How does the flow of money from trade, dividends and interest, rent, and taxes affect the potential for wealth creation? By examining the economic activity of areas in two resource rich regions, one in Oregon and one in Appalachia, this paper paints a…
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