Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Community Development v.44, i.5, “Shared measures to achieve shared outcomes: lessons from Central Appalachia”

This paper introduces a wealth creation approach to development, and describes how the Central Appalachian Network has used an outcome-based measurement process to define and measure progress toward shared goals for seven forms of community wealth.…

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Building a Sustainable Network: A Toolkit

This toolkit is a set of worksheets designed to help groups build strong, effective, sustainable networks. It includes worksheets for organizations that are considering forming or joining a network, emerging networks that have already organized and…

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Rural Networks for Wealth Creation: Impacts and Lessons Learned from US Communities

This research report presents qualitative data from interviews with 24 practitioners at six networks that are working to create wealth in rural areas across the United States. The report presents findings related to network results, network management,…

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