Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Enterprise Financing for WealthWorks Value Chains: Overview and Guide

As part of WealthWorks, the Accelerating Impact project is aimed at articulating the role of finance in supporting WealthWorks value chains in rural areas.Over two years, this project of the Tellus Institute has worked with ten projects on the ground…

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Financing the Evolving Role of the Value Chain Coordinator: Guiding Questions, Participant Insights

This report explores what we have learned about the roles value chain coordinators play in WealthWorks, how those roles may evolve, and various options for financing the coordinator role which is so essential to exploring and constructing WealthWorks…

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Guide to Crowdfunding for WealthWorks Value Chains: Understanding Options, Getting Started

This report was produced as part of a project to explore financing options for WealthWorks value chains. It describes crowdfunding and how it works, gives examples of different platforms and successful campaigns, and provides a step by step guide to…

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A Different Kind of Ownership Society

This article by Marjorie Kelly and Shanna Ratner was posted to the Yes! Magazine website on August 3, 2010.

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Impact Investing for Rural Wealth Creation: Investing for financial returns and community impact

How do we connect impact investors and rural enterprise, encouraging investment that develops multiple forms of wealth? This paper outlines key features of impact investment and shares examples of successful investment models that provide both financial…

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Keeping Wealth Local: Shared Ownership and Wealth Control for Rural Communities

Resources do not represent community wealth unless communities own and control them. This report introduces the concept of shared ownership, then describes and explores various models, looking at strengths, weaknesses, the range of applications, expertise…

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