Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Becoming a Measurement Guide Training, March 2011

Tags: Becoming a Measurement Guide, Measurement, Strategic Planning, Training, You Get What You Measure

Client Name: Rural Support Partners, Community Consultants, Project for School Innovation, Dynamica Consulting

Client Type: Non-profit, For-profit

Year: 2011

Location: Vermont

Members of the March 2011 Becoming a Measurement Guide class included Katy Allen, Rural Support Partners, North Carolina; Thomas Watson, Rural Support Partners, North Carolina; Judy Anderson, Community Consultants, New York; Ruth Feldman, Project for School Innovation, Maine; and Barbara Wyckoff, Dynamica Consulting, Maryland. Since 2002, Yellow Wood has been offering professionals with facilitation skills the opportunity to become Measurement Guides and learn how to deliver You Get What You Measure®, a values-based, participatory approach to strategic planning that uses systems thinking.

“Becoming a Measurement Guide offered me a whole new way of thinking about planning, monitoring, and measurement. This approach is inclusive, builds on participants' knowledge, and puts the process into the users' hands. My clients are excited and want to learn more!”- Barbara Wyckoff, Dynamica Consulting